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All riders know there are few things as important as a good suspension, especially when it comes to the front fork. Which is why WP suspension is right up there with the most known brand names when it comes to these dirt bike parts. Still there are a lot of people out there wondering if there are more choices than WP suspension. Or to be more precise if there are options out there that address one question and one question alone. A specialised suspension for the front fork.

Although a suspension of WP certainly belongs to the higher-end of the dirt bike parts spectrum, we at Dal Soggio Race have made a conscious decision to develop a dirt bike part we have completely dedicated ourselves too. We have created a suspension specifically for the front fork that goes beyond the expectations most people have when it comes to this part.

Like WP suspension we do not think of our customer base as people who should be told what parts are best for them. We believe that al riders in enduro and motocross have a good understanding of what they need to be as successful as possible. And just like a WP suspension we answer these demands by always delivering the best quality. However, by choosing to develop one part in particular we managed to deliver on a product that goes beyond expectations and delivers more than simply safety, comfort and endurance. A great part of our suspension is dedicated in giving the rider far more tactile feedback and adjustability options.


As we all know is a dirt or pit bike specifically dedicated for certain races like motocross or enduro. This off course means that every part of said bike has a special role and dedication to play. Specialisation is the key to success. Well, all least when it comes to the actual bike you are using. This is the reason we dedicated ourselves in developing a suspension system that is fitted for almost all bikes and major parts. When it comes to WP suspension or better yet their forks we are more than happy to let you know that our suspension system is completely compatible.

This means your options when it comes to your WP suspension just got a lot bigger. We can’t stress enough how important we feel about delivering dirt bike parts that don’t just improve the bike, but give the rider better tools in exploiting his or her natural talents. Like WP our suspension has been born from a love and a passion for the sport.

We ourselves are extremely familiar with motocross and enduro. Which is why we managed to deliver a WP motorcycle suspension that managed to deliver on all the demands we placed on it. We managed not just because our love and understanding of the sport, but also because of the pedigree of Dal Soggio Race. Our WP suspension is marriage between passion for the sport and a deep understanding of high-tech.

Other high quality parts you can find with us are WP 4cs forks, WP xplor 48 and FSR-48 front fork.


Let us summarise what we wanted to achieve when developing our WP suspension. We considered the requirements and demands every rider could have when it comes to their WP suspension. We realised quickly that we were developing parts that should meet the wishes of all riders in both the motocross and enduro sports. That in turn lead us to realise our dirt bike parts should be capable of dealing with any terrain and circumstances, even those you couldn’t anticipate. When developing WP suspension for all riders and all circumstances it is obvious to create a product that is above all capable to endure all the stress that’s comes with the sport. Which also means we should create a product that offers the greatest safety possible.

Creating a WP suspension that is suitable for both professionals and novices as well as being able to handle all terrain gave us one more insight. Our WP suspension should be easily adjustable.

So, we created a WP suspension without compromise. Safe, enduring, comfortable and allowing the rider as much tactile feedback so he or she can easily adjust their riding style as is necessary.

We named the result of our WP suspension the SPHERE hydraulic cartridge.  A system that’s built up from 8 different parts all working in perfect unison.


The SPHERE hydraulic cartridge answers all demands you might have when it comes to off-road racing. Among many things it is easily adjustable giving you everything you need to adjust your suspension easily. The 8 parts making this all possible are simply innovative and allows us to give you the WP suspension of your dreams.

  1. The compression regulator allows for an easily regulation of the compression. The 38 clicks system makes sure of this.
  2. To make sure the bleed valves always gives the correct internal pressure we make sure they are all individually calibrated in a laboratory.
  3. We wanted a greater sensitivity to the front fork. We managed to achieve this with our innovative bladder system.
  4. Not 3 but 4 oil passages. Our compression piston ensures a more precise and greater oil flow.
  5. The rebound piston is like the compression piston made out of ERGAL 7075 and is also equipped with 4 oil passages. This decreases the wear of oil and shims. Treated with Teflon the slide band necessitates a greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge.
  6. For a wider and superior rebound adjustment we developed our rebound regulator which comes with a 38 clicks system.
  7. We understand the importance of a fast preload of the front forks. This is achieved with our fast preload system thanks to which you don’t even need to remove the hydraulic cartridges to implement the preload.
  8. The slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock absorber should be avoided at all cost. This is why our rod oil seal comes equipped with a particular profile of the lip seal.


Off course off-road racing like motocross doesn’t come without danger. Safety is always leading in developing our products. It goes without saying that the implementation of your WP suspension should be handled by someone who knows what they are doing. It also should mean that we have a responsibility to produce special kits that give you everything you need to for your WP suspension tuning, implementation and maintenance.

The right oil is also of extreme importance it not just the safety but overall functioning of WP suspension. We offer a specially developed oil in conjuncture with a highly qualified company in the sector. The result is an oil that prevents foaming and tearing thanks to its unique blend. Special additives were also added to make sure the oil is capable of handling high temperatures.


As with any sport the future lies with the youth. Because of their still developing strength most if not all of the kids in motocross make use of a KTM 65cc. especially for this bike we have developed a suspension system we called the SPHERE NEW HEROES.

Although slightly different from the SPHERE hydraulic cartridge you certainly may expect the same level of quality and expertise when it comes to this part. We never take safety lightly, this is especially through when it comes to our children.


Dal Soggio S.r.l. is the company that started it all back in the 50’s. A company famed for its high-tech products the owner, Dal Soggio, could no longer contain his passion for enduro and motocross. As such Dal Soggio Racing was born.

As an Italian company our WP suspension is not bound to the USA. We offer our WP suspension worldwide via many different dealers. This also means you can find our product online and in a wide range of stores.

Dal Soggio Racing offers dirt bike parts that are made without compromise. We believe the bike itself is not the core of the sport but merely an extension of the rider. Quality of the highest order and a suspension that has been developed by people who love the sport as much as you do.

It isn’t simply about developing and offering high quality products. It is about offering something that allows you, the driver, to go beyond your limits.

Would you like to learn more? Are you looking for a dealer of our products or do you want to become a dealer? All you have to do is contact us, we are always looking for likeminded aficionados of the sport.

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Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.


Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


I got my first test ride in with the Ray kit. All can I say is “amazing”! Hands down the best 4CS set up I’ve ridden.

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