Dal Soggio S.r.l. is an Italian company which was born in 50s’

It is specialized in high-tech products

In last years, by a big passion for motorcycles of the owner Gianni Dal Soggio, was born the new division the “Race Part Division”.

This new adventure grounds its roots in 2008 with an ambitious and complex project, to create an innovative fork with sliding on balls for off-road motorcycles, and for this the Company has got a worldwide patent. Gianni is still working on this amazing project, so you will see something amazing in next years! After a huge effort, thanks to the strong will of the owner Gianni Dal Soggio, the hydraulic Sphere cartridge arrived in 2013.  The Sphere’s sensational results in pro level competition have brought the company and its riders, to reach top positions in major national and international off-roads championships.

As of now, Sphere by Dal Soggio, has had a sequence of successes, and is the dominant choice of many top riders. In 2022 finally was born also the complete front fork, the FSR-48 a jewel of high technology! This has brought the lively and clever minds of “Dal Soggio Race” to create a range of innovative products that are excellent for all the two wheels lovers, from aspirants to professionals. We have several popular products available at Dal Soggio Race:


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