Cube Oil 5W and 4W Racing are the result of a careful study between Dal Soggio Race and a highly qualified company in the motorsports sector.

After much testing, we have found the perfect formula to balance the hydraulic system of the forks, avoiding problems that arise from using low quality oils.

CUBE oil 1 lt.

CUBE oil 5 lt.

CUBE FORK OIL is specially formulated for exclusive use in high-tech suspension forks and hydraulic cartridges.  This anti-foam/anti-tear blend has special stabilizing additives for high temperatures, protecting against seal-wear.

There are two types  of CUBE oil available, the CUBE 5W and the CUBE 4W RACING which is excellent for race performance.

Available in 1lt. box or 5lt. box.



Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


Today was the first riding with my Sphere hydraulic cartridge. It was like riding a brand new husaberg totally different bike, it was so stable, transferring all infos to steering wheel and the most important safety and more self confidence !!! Dal Soggio SPHERE vs White Power 4cs : Final result 5 – 0


Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.

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