Dirt bike forks

When it comes to dirt bike forks little is as important as making sure you have the best suspension. A dirt bike fork might be of the highest quality and specially designed for off-road racing, without suspension this means nothing, for example for out WP 4cs forks. Off course almost all if not all dirt bikes come with dirt bike forks and proper suspension. But there is always room for improvement. And when it comes to your suspension for your dirt bike front fork this is especially true.

Proper isn’t good enough. We at Dal Soggio Race have dedicated ourselves in creating suspension that fits with almost all dirt bike forks. But that is far from the only quality that our suspension should adhere to. We strongly believe that when it comes to motocross, enduro racing or off-road racing in general no compromise should be made when it comes to the dirt bike parts.


When we started to develop our suspension for dirt bike forks we quickly realised we should create a product that offers more. Safety, durability and comfort are without a doubt extremely important for dirt bike parts. But your suspension for your dirt bike forks should offer more. We interpreted this as a system that is responsible for giving the rider accurate tactile feedback via the handlebars.

This allows you the rider to ‘read’ the terrain allowing you to make necessary changes and thus improve your riding. Offering everything you need to maximise your talents. We also realise that when it comes to dirt bike support you should be able to adjust your suspension on the fly. We also managed to accomplish this. Via our clicks system, that gives you great adjustability in both the rebound and the compression.


As an Italian company we have the privilege of living in a country that in many ways is ideal for sports like motocross. The countryside as our canvas we have every room to develop and produce the finest dirt bike parts. Also, if you are interested in our products you can visit our shop to view all of the parts! 

And not without success. Our riders using our suspension have already had many victories and successes both nationally and internationally.

We want everyone to achieve success in motocross thanks to our suspension. But more importantly we want people to enjoy the sport as much as possible.

Do you want to learn more, know where to buy our parts or become a dealer yourself? You can find all information on or website or contact us, we are glad to help you.

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Today was the first riding with my Sphere hydraulic cartridge. It was like riding a brand new husaberg totally different bike, it was so stable, transferring all infos to steering wheel and the most important safety and more self confidence !!! Dal Soggio SPHERE vs White Power 4cs : Final result 5 – 0


Praticamente i miei clienti vedono la vostra forca come una sorta di santo Graal, che non ha difetti.


My Husqvarna now is at the top! Thank Dal Soggio!

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