WP XPlor 48

Do you find that the shock absorber of your motorcycle is not working as proper as before? Or have you recently switched terrains and is an upgrade of you shock absorbers a necessity? Than maybe the Dal Soggio Race XP-One kit is perfect for you! This kit is suited for WP XPlor 48 forks for the new KTM EXC and Husqvarna 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Thanks to this kit you are able to enhance the function of your current shock absorbers. You may think: “How does the XP-One kit work?”. Well, you can use the XP-One kit to replace the mid and base valve. This way you are able to obtain a more regulated oil flow for the shock absorber. So, are you ready to create the best riding-experience as possible with your WP XPlor 48? Than quickly take a look at the products and kits that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has to offer! 


If you choose for the XP-One kit or one of the other products that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has to offer, you are making your dirt bike more reliable and suitable for all conditions. Our kits are perfect for professional, average and aspirant riders who wish to enhance their bike without sacrificing their performance. Moreover, the XP-One kit for WP Xplor 48 forks is suitable for off-road, motocross and enduro disciplines. 



The Dal Soggio Race Part Division is created from a place of passion—a big passion for motorcycles. We strive to create innovative products which are excellent for all two wheel lovers. Our products and kits enhance the overall safety of your motorcycle and improve the reliability of your WP XPlor 48 forks. With the XP-One kit you are able to create a softer feel at the beginning of the stroke and it improves the feel and performance of the WP XPlor 48 for. We strive to an easy installation and have highlighted the things you need below:

  • XP-One kit from the Dal Soggio Race Part Division
  • Minimum of 2 litres of Cube oil
  • Medium thread lockers
  • WP cap key
  • 17 Allen wrench (dynamometric)
  • 17 – 21 – 24 wrenches
  • 12 mm clamp to tighten the stem
  • Oil level’s rod
  • Grease.



Do you receive a lot of questions from customers about how they can improve their WP XPlor 48? And do you want your dirt bike shop to sell our XP-One kits? Than it is possible for you to become an official Dal Soggio Race Part Division dealer! If you wish to become one of our official dealers, you can fill out the “Become a Dealer” form on our website. It is also possible to contact us directly by calling to +39 0445 314 051. You can also send out an email to info@dalsoggiorace.com.


As an Italian company we have the privilege of living in a country that in many ways is ideal for sports like motocross. The countryside as our canvas we have every room to develop and produce the finest dirt bike parts.

And not without success. Our riders using our suspension have already had many victories and successes both nationally and internationally.

We want everyone to achieve success in motocross thanks to our suspension. But more importantly we want people to enjoy the sport as much as possible. You can always contact us or one of our dealers. 

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Today was the first riding with my Sphere hydraulic cartridge. It was like riding a brand new husaberg totally different bike, it was so stable, transferring all infos to steering wheel and the most important safety and more self confidence !!! Dal Soggio SPHERE vs White Power 4cs : Final result 5 – 0


I got my first test ride in with the Ray kit. All can I say is “amazing”! Hands down the best 4CS set up I’ve ridden.


Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.

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