KTM dirt bike parts

There are few bikes as well known and have a good a reputation as those manufactured by KTM and the parts they offer. We are talking about KTM dirt bikes that are used by the youth who partake in sports like motocross, enduro racing or other forms of off-road racing. The KTM 65cc is an ideal bike for these youngsters. Although these pit bikes have less in general power they are as well-equipped and expertly designed as any and all dirt bike should be.

However, like with any sport there is always room for improvement. And making a great bike even better is something you can achieve with the right offering of KTM Dirt Bike parts. Specialisation is key when it comes to KTM enduro parts. Which is why we at Dal Soggio Race have decided to produce specialised KTM dirt bike parts.

When it comes to our KTM motorcycle parts we chose to focus on KTM performance parts that are developed purely to advance the suspension. When you’re looking for KTM dirt bike parts our suspension system allows not just for safety, comfort and durability, but also far greater tactile feedback. We have developed a suspension that allows all riders to achieve even higher levels in the sport. When you buy KTM parts, never compromise.


Our KTM suspension system has been developed from the ground up for the greatest results. As we stated before, when you’re looking for KTM parts for sale you should never compromise on quality. Cheap KTM parts or discount KTM parts might seem like a good deal. But consider this, all off-road racing demands a heavy toll on the bike. And before anything else safety is always of the greatest concern, especially when it comes to the youth.

When looking at KTM parts list don’t be persuaded by a low price alone. In a sport like ours we may never forget that the KTM dirt bike parts should be capable of dealing with stress.


Our KTM dirt bike parts are the result of a marriage of a love for the sport and long experience in developing high-tech products. We offer everything you need, from the suspension themselves to specialised oil and shims. Don’t worry about the KTM parts manual, you can find everything you need to know on our website. Including dealers and service points. And by offering our dirt bike parts via dealers worldwide you can find our KTM parts online easily.

When it comes to dirt bike parts we develop products without compromise. And compromising isn’t something you should do either. Our goal is to offer dirt bike parts for everyone. Not simply a suspension system but a tool that allows you the rider to achieve new heights when performing. And most of all we offer dirt bike parts that were built to have you have as much fun as possible while riding.

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Praticamente i miei clienti vedono la vostra forca come una sorta di santo Graal, che non ha difetti.


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Today was the first riding with my Sphere hydraulic cartridge. It was like riding a brand new husaberg totally different bike, it was so stable, transferring all infos to steering wheel and the most important safety and more self confidence !!! Dal Soggio SPHERE vs White Power 4cs : Final result 5 – 0

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