KTM 65 forks

Do you own a KTM 65 and are you looking for an upgrade? Even though that the KTM dirt bikes are one the best off-road motorcycles on the market, there is always room for improvement! Depending on your own preferences, the bike’s equipment should be fitting to these. It is therefore important to remember that your bike is not the core of motocross, you are. So, depending on own your preferences, you should choose your suspensions and front forks accordingly. If you wish to make changes to your current KTM 65 forks, the products from the Dal Soggio Race Division are perfect for you! Thus, if you are ready to create the best experience as possible with your KTM 65, take a look at all the products and kits that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has to offer! 


Upgrade KTM 65 forks with the Dal Soggio Race SPHERES

The innovative products that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has designed will make your KTM more reliable, safe and suitable for all conditions. To upgrade the KTM 65 forks we have created two different products: the SPHERE Hydraulic cartridges and the SPHERE NEW HEROES. The first one is excellent for off-road disciplines. The SPERE Hydraulic cartridge is most suitable for endure, but it also works great for motocross. This product is most suited for the riders which are looking for the best KTM 65 forks, without any compromises. The latter, the SPHERE NEW HEROES, is a cartridge especially designed to improve the easy and efficacy of suspensions. The SPHERE NEW HEROES are compatible with all KTM motorcycles—but especially with the KTM 65cc bikes. 


Thanks to the SPHERE products from the Dal Soggio Race Part Division, you can bring the KTM 65 forks to another level—a better level. With the upgrades that Dal Soggio has to offer, your dirt bike will be adaptable to any terrain you might encounter! 


Become a Dal Soggio Race dealer now!

Are you interested in the SPHERE products from the Dal Soggio Race Part Division? And would you like to sell them in your own shop? Than it is possible for you to become an official Dal Soggio dealer! The only thing that you need to do is to fill out our “Become a Dealer” form on the website. You can also call us directly or you could send us an email. You can contact us via +39 0445 314 051 or via info@dalsoggiorace.com.  

Your partner when it comes to your front fork rebuild

As an Italian company we have the privilege of living in a country that in many ways is ideal for sports like motocross. The countryside as our canvas we have every room to develop and produce the finest dirt bike parts.

And not without success. Our riders using our suspension have already had many victories and successes both nationally and internationally.

We want everyone to achieve success in motocross thanks to our suspension. But more importantly we want people to enjoy the sport as much as possible.

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  • Praticamente i miei clienti vedono la vostra forca come una sorta di santo Graal, che non ha difetti.

  • I have installed XP-One kit for WP Xplor. Very nice product and much improved over stock fork performance.

  • I got my first test ride in with the Ray kit. All can I say is “amazing”! Hands down the best 4CS set up I’ve ridden.


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