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As is common knowledge amongst all bikers, are few things as important for a comfortable drive as the suspension. This fact is especially true when it comes to dirt bikes otherwise known as pit bikes. In fact when it comes to this sport the right form of suspension is not a matter of comfort, safety or luxury but a deciding factor between success or failure in every race. To an outsider the sport motocross may seem deceptively straight forward. But as all dirt bikers know and all their fans, there is no such thing as a common underground. When it comes to be prepared for every track and every circumstance like a dry or wet ground the right MX parts are not simply desirable but a necessity.

A pit bike is made up out of many different parts. All of which play an integral and specialised part with only one purpose. To give the rider everything he or she needs to become the best rider they can be. Which is why Dal Soggio has taken it as its mission to create the most efficient and effective specialised MX parts. We are off course talking about our uniquely developed SPHERE hydraulic cartridges. A product that fits the desires of all people that demand the maximum of their suspensions.


When it comes to MX parts there might not be a shortage of MX online shops. Off course it is a good thing for the sport to have a wide base of supporters and possibilities. However as we mentioned before it is highly important to choose not only the right MX parts but also the best quality. And this is the reason we at Dal Soggio have taken it upon us to focus on one particular aspect of every dirt bike, the dirt bike suspension.

It should be fair to say that every bike sold is ‘out of the box’ well equipped and ready to go. It also is fair to assume that MX parts will suffer under stress and general use. Especially in a demanding sport as motocross. Also, and this can’t be stressed enough, should every dirt bike not be considered as the core of the sport but an extension of the rider. We have innovative motocross parts and dirt bike parts.

These facts have led us to develop a system that can provide an answer to all of the above demands and requirements.

Our suspension systems are at their very core designed to give the best results for every rider and circumstances. They are built to last and to easily fitted by basically anyone who loves the sport of motocross. They are developed for a wide range of riders. Our MX dirt bike parts are just as suitable for hobby and starting racers as for professionals.

We deliver and develop MX parts not because we simply can, but because we truly love the sport ourselves. It should come as no surprise then that we even have a special line dedicated for the future of the sport. The youngsters.


If it isn’t clear by now the goal we are trying to achieve with our MX parts is to provide every rider with a suspension that offers just more than safety. It is about providing an experience for all riders that equates to simply having more fun while driving. Whether you’re taking part in an important race or are just having fun. Our suspension is specifically designed to do just that. We also have a Dal Soggio ray kit.

How is it that we manage to achieve is such a feat, what makes our suspension so different and effective.


Our innovative hydraulic cartridge is excellent for off-road disciplines and easily adapted / high performing for motocross. To achieve this we had to develop a new system we dubbed the SPHERE hydraulic cartridge. Consisting out of 8 parts.

  1. Compression regulator. This part allows for a very easily regulation of the compression thanks to the 38 click system
  2. The automatic bleed valves are individually calibrated in a laboratory. The point being that every valve is ensured to give the correct internal pressure.
  3. The bladder system functions as a guarantee for greater sensitivity to the front fork.
  4. Made out of anodized ERGAL 7075 the compression piston comes not with 3 but 4 oil passages. This ensures a greater and more precise oil flow.
  5. Also made out of anodized ERGAL 7075 the rebound piston 4 oil passages decrease the wear of oil and shims. The slide band made with a Teflon treatment necessitates a greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge.
  6. The rebound regulator allows a wider and far more precise rebound adjustment thanks to 38 clicks.
  7. The fast preload has specifically been designed to allow to preload the fork fast and simple. You don’t even have to remove the hydraulic cartridges from the forks.
  8. Lastly the rod oil seal comes equipped with a particular profile of the lip seal. This avoids the slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock absorber.


The SPHERE NEW HEROES has been developed especially for the KTM 65cc. Our intention is to bring the dirt bike forks of young riders to a professional level. We are talking about a fork that is extreme in its adjustability. Thanks to the 36 clicks for compression and 36 clicks for rebound there is not a track out there that cannot be conquered. For example the KTM forks or the FSR-48 front fork.

When it comes to our offering of MX parts we off course have made sure to deliver on everything else you might need in cohort with our suspension system. We offer kits with specialised tools for conversion and adjusting already present suspensions. And off course we offer the finest oil developed in cooperation with a highly qualified company in the sector. The result is an oil that has an anti-foam/anti-tear blend and has special stabilizing additives for high temperatures, protecting against seal-wear.

Lastly we offer a wide range of high end shims to complete our offering of our specialised MX Parts.


When it comes to MX parts you will find no shortage of MX parts online or cheap. Though buying cheap is not always the way to save money. Be wary of discount MX parts or used MX parts. Although we pride ourselves for delivering high standard products for an optimal motocross experience, safety is certainly a strong concern when developing our products. Furthermore cheap MX parts can lead to greater overall stress on your bike. The results by using subpar parts can lead to many different outcomes, none of them positive. And most of them if not all will lead to a far greater cost than first expected.

If you want the choice of the best MX parts now you can always find one of our dealers, we operate worldwide.

That means we don’t have a MX parts store but make use of resellers and thrusted partners. We are all always looking for new members of our network of dealers and other participants. If you’re looking for a MX parts shop selling our products you’ll have no problem finding one online. If all else fails you can always contact us for further information. This is obviously also true for dealers who want to sell our products.


Dal Soggio S.r.l. is an Italian company which was born in the 50s’. It is specialized in high-tech products. In recent years a new branch was developed. A branch that is completely dedicated to the development and distribution of MX parts. A dedication that flows directly from a love and passion for the sport.

Many people think of Italy as a nation famed for its food, culture and history and the most refined sport cars. But we must not forget that it is also a country with a deep passion for motor sport including motocross. Perhaps it is this innate desire to create products that are both a combination of aesthetics and technical prowess that has led to the development of our superior MX parts. The often ideal countryside has given us a perfect canvas to test and further refine our products.

The results speak for themselves. We deliver not just high-end suspension solutions for dirt bikes but almost a complete new experience while driving.

Advanced tactical feedback given to the rider via the steer and thanks to the suspension system allows racers to adjust their driving even more. Allowing all who participate to maximize their already present talent.

We offer you MX parts without compromise. Our goal is not to give you an advantage that will allow you to always win. No, we want you to enjoy the sport as much as you can whether you’re an professional, casual rider or have just started. Our products are made to compliment you just so you can dedicate yourself to become an even greater rider.

If you want more information all you have to do is contact us.

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Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.


Very impressive products! I’ve bought a Sphere AER and it’s sure the best solution I may have taken.

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