Dirt bike suspension

The importance of a dirt bike suspension is basically an understatement. Although it would be foolish to place a greater importance on one dirt bike part over another. That certainly doesn’t mean we should compromise on any part. You can’t have a bike that goes fast without having proper brakes and you cannot have a bike that can handle great stress without proper dirt bike suspension.

Then it only makes sense for any rider, especially in motocross, to choose parts that are specialised in their function. You could make the point that proper parts are fine. But that is not what we at Dal Soggio Race believe.

As a company and the people who work there we have a great passion for enduro racing and motocross. As such we understand the importance of high-end dirt bike parts and the availability of them. Which why we have decided to launch our own line of dirt bike suspension. This is completely in line with what we truly believe. Every part on your bike should give you everything you need to be as successful at the sport as possible and, even more important, have as much fun as possible while riding. This is we why we have specialised ourselves in developing the ultimate dirt bike suspension. Which separate us from many other dirt bike suspension companies.


Although every part on your dirt bike plays an important role, to achieve the best riding experience specialisation to a certain degree is unavoidable. By choosing to develop purely a dirt bike suspension we can guarantee the extreme quality of this product and the benefits it gives you.

There isn’t a sport out there that doesn’t challenge both the participant and the equipment used. This especially true when it comes to off-road racing. And this is partly where the role of dirt bike suspension comes into play. Its major function is to absorb shocks which are simply a part of the sport. However, when choosing high-end dirt bike suspension parts you can be sure these shocks don’t do anymore damage to your bike or you then is absolute necessary. Investing in dirt bike suspension that goes beyond high quality can mean an investment that can save you money and other problems in the long run.

We however believe that dirt bike suspension should offer more than only comfort, durability and safety.

Off-road racing is visceral sport. The pit bike isn’t the core of the sport, but merely an extension of the rider. When defining your dirt bike setup you should always keep in mind not only how the parts effect the bike, but you as well. This why when developing our dirt bike suspension we made sure our system would give any rider advanced tactile feedback through the handlebars and because of the dirt bike suspension. This way you can actually feel the terrain regardless of the circumstances. This gives you the tools to further advance your riding. And most importantly a far greater enjoyment while riding your pit bike.


When setting out to deliver the next step when it comes to dirt bike suspension we considered the following. Our dirt bike parts should give everything the driver needs while riding, but also installing, maintaining and adjusting. Although for safety reasons we strongly encourage the dirt bike suspension to be installed by a professional we do offer everything you need. Dirt bike suspension kits are off course a part of our product line. These kits offer a wide range of tuning abilities for a diverse range of suspensions.

As a company whose products are sold around the world changes are there is partner nearby for your dirt bike suspension service.


Our suspension is the result of both a love for the sport and deep experience in the development of high-tech products. In total our suspension system is consisted of 8 different parts. For example the bleed valves are calibrated in a laboratory to ensure that the internal pressure is always correct.

The greater sensitivity to the front fork is for a large part dependent on the bladder system we developed. The compression piston we use does not have 3 but 4 oil passages. As a result the oil flow is greater and more precise.

Just a few examples of the different parts that make up our suspension.


How can you love a sport and not encourage the next generation. Especially for kids who partake in off-road racing we have developed a unique suspension. especially made to be fitted on any KTM 65cc and with safety as the greatest concern. This suspension will aid the upcoming generation of off-road racing superstars.


Off course we also deliver on the important shims and oil. Although shims aren’t the most exciting part of the suspension, they are indispensable. Which is why we offer not only all the shims you need but with a guarantee of the best quality as well.

In cooperation with a notable company in the sector we also created our own oil. This oil has been developed to handle high temperatures and protects against seal-wear. It is also has an anti-foam/anti-tear blend.


When it’s time for a dirt bike suspension rebuild you can’t go wrong with our products. Dal Soggio Racing is the child of Dal Soggio S.r.l. an Italian company which started in the 50’s. This how we manage to create dirt bike parts that are beholden to technical knowledge, experience and a passion for the sport.

Dirt bike suspension service is something our partners worldwide are more than capable of delivering. You can find anything you need to know about our dirt bike parts on our website and in our shop. But you’re more than welcome to contact us. We will answer any question you have. Never compromise enjoying off-road racing.

Do you want to learn more, know where to buy our parts or become a dealer yourself? You can find all information on or website or contact us, we are glad to help you.

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I have installed XP-One kit for WP Xplor. Very nice product and much improved over stock fork performance.


Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.


Very impressive products! I’ve bought a Sphere AER and it’s sure the best solution I may have taken.

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