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It might be considered common knowledge among all bike riders. There are few things as important for a comfortable and save ride as a good suspension. A fact that is particularly true when it comes to dirt bikes or pit bike parts. Everyone who has the slightest experience with the motocross sport realises the importance of good suspension and the reasons why. It is not just for comfort, safety or endurance. It is also about tactile feedback and being given the means to not only achieve greatness in your sport but more importantly to enjoy driving. There might be those who think of the sport as deceptively forward. But even a novice understands the difference between using the right motocross parts or just using subpar parts. And when it comes to finding the right motocross parts all riders now that those parts should be evenly effective regardless of the terrain and circumstances.

Considering that all dirt bikes are made up out of different parts al with a specialised role to play you cannot over empathise the importance of great suspension for the front fork. Which is why Dal Soggio Race has taken it as its mission to enrich the market with high end motocross parts. Parts who are developed and distributed by a manufacture who truly understands and loves the sport.


When it comes to motocross parts and motorcycle parts it would be wrong to state that there is a lack of shops offering these products. Without doubt it is a good thing for the sport to have access to so many providers of those unmissable parts and other services. However it can also lead to confusion which part or brand to choose. As we have stated before every single element of a dirt bike has a particular role to play. Specialisation is by far the best way to ensure a high quality, in all regards, when it comes to your motocross parts. It should come as no surprise then that we at Dal Soggio Race have chosen our specialization, the suspension.

Generally speaking when buying a new bike you should assume it is ready to go. However even with the top of the line models there is always room for improvement. Especially when it comes to motocross parts which play an integral role in not just the overall performance but also in providing tactile feedback to the rider. We are off course talking about the suspension of the front fork.

There are certain facts we have taken in account while developing our products. As we all know when partaking in the sport there are hardly any certainties when it comes to the terrain and the circumstances like the weather. Being able to make important changes to your suspension on the fly  is incredibly important.

We also consider it a fact that motocross and other sports similar take a heavy toll on the bike itself. Again it is the suspension which takes the grunt of this stress. Maybe not a fact, but we believe that the bike itself is not the core of the sport but merely an extension of the rider.

These facts and believes has led us to develop a system that perfectly knows how to give a proper answer to all these facts and requirements.


Our suspension systems have basically one goal. To give the rider the best experience while driving regardless of the terrain or the circumstances. This off course also means that our motocross racing parts are designed to last. We have also taken into consideration the ease in how to fit the system by basically anyone with an interest in the sport and with the proper technical background.

Our system has been developed for high end use. But it is equally made for novices and professional riders alike. Even for the future of motocross we have developed parts. We are talking off course about the youth.


Our innovative hydraulic cartridge is excellent for off-road disciplines and easily adapted / high performing for motocross. To make sure we would achieve this result we had to completely develop a new system. A system we dubbed the SPHERE hydraulic cartridge. It exist out of 8 parts. All playing an important role to give you the best suspension possible.

  • The compression regulator is the motocross part that allows a very easily regulation of the compression. This is thanks to the 38 clicks system.
  • Individually calibrated in a laboratory ensures that the bleed valves always give the correct internal pressure.
  • For a greater sensitivity of the front fork we have included the bladder system.
  • The compression piston comes not with 3 but 4 oil passages. This way we can ensures a greater and more precise oil flow.
  • Like the compression piston the rebound piston is also made out of ERGAL 7075. Its 4 oil passages decrease the wear of oil and shims. And thanks to the slide band made with a Teflon treatment the hydraulic cartridge allows for more sensitivity.
  • Because of the 38 clicks the rebound regulator is capable of a far greater rebound adjustment then what you might be used to.
  • Quick and easy. The fast preload gives you great ease in to preload your fork without even having to remove the hydraulic cartridges from the fork.
  • Finally the rod oil seal is equipped with a specific profile of the lip seal. No longer will you have to worry about the slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock absorber.


Specifically designed for the KTM 65cc the SPHERE NEW HEROES gives the youth everything they need in suspension. As aficionados of the sport we want to support the upcoming generation of riders as much as possible. The SPHERE NEW HEROES constitutes the exact same quality but is especially made for 65cc bikes. And with the 36 clicks for compression and 36 clicks for rebound there is not a track out there which can’t be conquered.


There is no shortage of motocross parts online and although we fully support the sport in any way possible we do want to make it clear that quality, when it comes to motocross parts, should come without compromise. There are unfortunately many cheap motocross parts out there who simply do not measure up to the standard you as a rider should expect. Although we aim to deliver the best riding experience through our motocross suspension parts, safety is never something that should be taken lightly. And it is a simple yet very true given that cheap, especially in our sport, often equates to expensive. Not only are our motocross parts made with an extreme durability in mind we must not forget that good suspension might prevent other damages.

We at Dal Soggio Race deliver our products worldwide through a network of dealers. You can easily find our motocross parts online. If you’re dealer and you’re interested in our products, all you have to do is contact us.

It should also be noted that we produce everything you need when it comes to our suspension system. We offer oil that has been developed in collaboration with a highly qualified company in the sector. This has led to an oil that goes beyond high quality. The substance has an anti-foam/anti-tear blend and has special stabilizing additives for high temperatures, protecting against seal-wear.

Off course we also provide a wide range of high end shims to complement your suspension. Lastly we offer  several kits for the enhancing and tuning of already present suspension.

Other important products in our assortment are: 



Dal Soggio S.r.l. is an Italian company which started in the 50’s. Specialised in the creation of high-tech products of a wide variety. It makes sense then that a love for this sport has eventually led to the development of our motocross parts. The same high-tech approach but combined with a passion for this sport has given us everything to offer you motocross parts without any compromise.

Let us not forget that although Italy is mostly known for its culture, history, food and expensive sports cars that it is also a country that offers many options for motorcycle sport. Especially when it comes to motocross. A countryside that often portrays an ideal canvas for this sport has given us much opportunity to test and further refine our products.

Our goal isn’t simply to create high-end motocross parts, but to allow for a far greater experience while driving. Something we manage to provide with a suspension system that gives the rider advanced tactile feedback.

We do not strive to give you a technical advantage that will allow you to win every time. We offer you a new experience while riding that deepens your own talent. We do not simply improve the bike but we give tools to the rider to maximize their talent.

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Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


Today was the first riding with my Sphere hydraulic cartridge. It was like riding a brand new husaberg totally different bike, it was so stable, transferring all infos to steering wheel and the most important safety and more self confidence !!! Dal Soggio SPHERE vs White Power 4cs : Final result 5 – 0


I have installed XP-One kit for WP Xplor. Very nice product and much improved over stock fork performance.

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