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Hi riders! Today I’m here to tell you something about one of my more ambitious projects, the FSR-48 complete front fork, which is a very performance dirt bike suspension. At the beginning, when I’ve started study it, I was absolutely sure to want something that had to be valuable and that works very very well. And I could say, judging by riders’ appreciation, that I’ve hit the goal, that was have a very performance dirt bike suspension!

3 Foundamental points to have a perfect dirt bike suspension

According to my experience, which is the result of every type of test, computational errors etc.. there are in my opinion 3 things that can’t be given up and they are:

  • Choice and quality of raw materials
  • Choice of good treatments
  • Use machineries and instruments of high level

Point 1: Choice and quality of raw materials to have perfect suspension

As you know in the market you can find milion types of aluminum, steel etc… Therefore what changes from one to the other are: hardness, weight, durability, resistance and not less important, the price. The latter is the main reason of why the major part of many manufacturers choose low quality raw materials.

I want just good material, and my favorite choice is ERAGAL 7075T6! Certainly it is very difficult to manufacturer but very resistant, non-deformable, very hard but at the same time very light.. and in my opinion, simply amazing for a perfect dirt bike suspension, and I couldn’t help but use it for my FSR-48 front fork.

Point 2: Choiche of treatments

Secondly and foundamental point, the choice of treatments that have to be done by right suppliers that make them at the perfection! Suppliers are not all the same… I think that the DLC coating and the hard anodizing are two of the best treatments that you can have or do in your suspension. But I repeat you have to be sure that the supplier that you choose work well!

Point 3: Use of machineries and instruments of high level

Last but not least to manufacturer good parts and have a performance dirt bike suspension, a very good thing is use machineries and instruments of high level and high technology. For example in company I am the proud owner of:

Dal Soggio Race machineries and special instruments

But the fundamental point to have a perfect performance dirt bike suspension is….


Nothing can happen without the real passion for what you do and what you create. I can say that I’m really so lucky because thanks to my hard work during years, today I have the priviledge to do what I really love!

When people ask me if I am scared about what my competitors do, my answer is always no! Probably you are wondering why.. and it is very simple! If you think first of what make you happy and of what you really want to do, what new product you desire to develope etc.. for sure you will do something good and people will appreciate it! And this is an extremely foundamental point also to create in this case a perfect performance dirt bike suspension!

How FSR-48 front fork works and why it is a good performance dirt bike suspension

Now I want to tell you something more about my FSR-48 and why I’ve choosen to do some things. This front fork, made in ERGAL 7075T6 with hard anodizing and DLC treatment, has got inside the Sphere Kit hidraulic cartirdge. For sure the “top of the line” in Dal Soggio’s house, perfect for every type of riders and disciplines. High quality without compromises!!!

How was it done? Focal points

  • The fork is in ERGAL 7075 T6 which is an incredible material;
  • The outer tube is super machined inside, to have an incredible fluidity;
  • DLC coating outside and hard anodizing inside;
  • Inside you find our Sphere kit hydraulic cartidge;
  • SKF seals;
  • Axel lug are made in ERGAL 7075 T6 too, completely machined from solid ;
  • Axel lugs are CNC machined.
  • Springs from 4.4 Nmm to 5.2 Nmm

Why choose FSR-48?

This complete front fork was carefully designed and produced with top quality materials and components to guarantee to riders to have a perfect product, durable over time with the right mainteinance, so a very good performance dirt bike suspensionSafety and reliability were our mission when we’ve decided to produce the FSR-48.

For which model of front fork is available?

FSR-48 is available for the major brands of suspension, so for WP Xplor front fork – WP AER/XACT or for KYB and Sachs.

Very important advice!

In conclusion I want to remember you that is always recommend to contact the centers specialized in suspensions’ set up (you could find someone on “Retailers” page), where expert people will know quickly install and setting your FSR-48 front fork in the best way and in safety, that should never be underestimated. If you do that you will be sure that your front fork will be a super performance dirt bike suspension and you will have lot of fun!

And now… let’s race!!!!


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