Hi everyone! How to do a perfect tuning dirt bike suspension, with correct special tools. This is my theme of today’s post.

I’ve received many emails where people asked me if in my posts I can explain more about our products. For example about their design, how our first product was born. And another question is how I give a good tuning in dirt bike front fork‘s products. Sometime also some questions about my worldwide patent for a particular type of front fork… And it made me very happy, thank you for your interest 😊! So one by one, I will start to answer to your questions, it’s a promise!

After raw materials, machineries and instruments, today I will talk to you about the special tools that I use and that help me to tune dirt bike suspension’sproducts. And this is an important part which concerns the production process, just to have complete overview.

As you know I use especially ERGAL 7075 T6 to produce products. I’ve told you several times tha it is a very difficult material to machine, therefore another focal point is use the right tools to equip the CNC machines to work on it. This will assure you a perfect quality of the finish in dirt bike suspension’s parts.

In my range of tools there are two of them which are essential to perfectly machine the aluminum:

Turning insert and Milling tool with three cuts. You can see them on the pictures below.

Turning Insert

Perfect turning and milling for a perfetc tuning of dirt bike suspension!

TURNING INSERTS: Made by a Swiss company, is specific tool for aluminum. Every single tool is lapped by machines and polished by hand and turns out to be very very sharp. 

I use this tool to CNC turning the pieces in ERGAL 7075 T6, with which I produce all my products, from my first Sphere Kit, to my last products FSR-48 front fork.

Milling tool

MILLING TOOL WITH THREE CUTS: This high quality Japanese tool with three cuts is another gem to machine the aluminum. The most common milling tools in the market are made in high speed steel  (HSS) because they are very cheap and easy to find.

Whereas the milling tools that I use is not so common to find and is made in sub-micro grain of hard metal, a very very resistant material. In that case too the ERGAL 7075 T6 CNC machining pieces are practically perfect and precise.

And it’s all about the production products inside my company! I know that this chapter is probably the most boring, but I repeat the “how it’s done” is fundamental for the excellent quality and result of a product and as I know how I produce, I put myself out there for this!

As always thank you for your time and see you next time to enter and explore the salient part regarding all my products! Are you ready?? I hope so because in my next posts I will tell you something interest to help also you to upgrade and tuning your dirt bike suspension at the best!

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