Time of change… suspension!

In this period of the year many riders are changing their bikes to be ready for the new “braaap season”. But changing bike is only the minimal part, because the funniest part is replace all replaceble parts, to make your own bike a treasure of speed and power!! And which is the first part that a rider want to change? For sure is the suspension! Why? Because he wants to go fast or he simply want a comfortable ride when he’s enjoying a Sunday trip with friends.

The best way to improve suspension

There are three important things to do:

  • Firstly, upgrade the front fork with a good kit, like Sphere Kit or choose an high-performance new front fork, FSR-48 for example!
  • Then, check the rear shock and upgrade it if needed (RS Kit is cheap, simple and very effective!)
  • And finally, make sure that a good suspension specialist does the job (very important and recommended!)

So let’s go in order!

Front suspension

Yes I know that is essential for you have a good suspension and I’m totally agree with you! That’s why suspension are my job 🙂 Are you undecide what is better for your sweet dirt bike? No worries, I have various solution for you!

If you are the type of rider which satisfied at 75-80% of your suspension probably the upgrade kits, like B-One for Sachs, XP-One and XP-One PRO for WP Xplor front fork are perfect for you! They are cheap, simple to install but they also assure you a good stability and also fun!

Instead if you like you front for at 50-60% is not good… You need a perfect Sphere kit that allows you to change all the internal part and with it you are sure that you will have a totally different experience!

And last but absolutely not least if you really think that your satisfaction level is 30-40% or if you are totally sure that you want and need a real change… Our FSR-48 front fork is superb!! And will bring you to a new hera of suspension!!

What? Are you asking me why this suspension is so incredible? I just say you that:

  • The FSR-48 fornt fork is in ERGAL 7075 T6 which is an incredible material and as you probably already know we use it in 85% of our components;
  • The outer tube is super machined inside, to have an incredible fluidity;
  • DLC coating outside and hard anodizing inside;
  • Inside you find our Sphere kit hydraulic cartidge;
  • SKF seals;
  • Axel lugs are made in ERGAL 7075 T6 too, completely machined from solid;
  • Axel lugs are CNC machined;
  • Springs from 4.4 Nmm to 5.2 Nmm
  • FSR-48 is available for the major brands of suspension, so for WP Xplor – WP AER/XACT – BETA MOTORCYCLES’ FRONT FORK.

In addition, as you see on the descritpion, insiede there is the Sphere Kit, so:

The innovative hydraulic cartridge for Race performances by Dal Soggio, excellent for off-road disciplines, especially for enduro but also well adaptable and high performing for motocross too. With the FSR-48 front fork, is absolutely the winning choice for people that demand the maximum for their suspensions, without compromises!

Rear shock

Second point says “check the rear shock” and yes, this is another important thing. Front fork and rear shock have to work in harmony to have a well balanced bike.

Can I help you with the rear shock? The answer is yes! I’ve studied a piston kit the RS Kit with diameter 46mm or 50mm based on your rear shock model. It is a simple kit but that works really well without having to change all the rear shock. Honestly I suggest you to try it before buy a new rear shock.

Well done job!

Please note it guys! I’m sure that you are expert in many things, but work on suspension is not simple and not means “I change some shims and the job is done!” so contact a suspension specialist and you won’t regret it!

We can’t forget little riders’ suspension!

Also for them I have the solution! You can chose our Sphere New Heroes! It is the cartridge that I have  specifically studied and created to improve with ease and efficacy the performances of future riders’ suspensions!

This particular cartridge was researched and created for the KTM 65cc to bring the forks of young riders to a professional level. Thanks to the wide range of adjustment (36 clicks for compression and 36 clicks for rebound) this fork is suitable for every type of track.

On our products’ range you can find also other good products to upgrade your suspension, like:

  • Ray Kit for WP 4CS in two model 2013-2015 or 2016
  • Spring Kit for WP AER front fork, to convert aer fork to the traditional one with springs
  • Sphere Young Heroes for 85cc which is the same solution of Spring Kit to convert the 85cc’ front fork to a standard one with springs.

Now the only thing that you have to do riders, is call one of our dealers or distributors and ask for Dal Soggio suspension… and the most important thing, have fun!!!


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