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It is possible that you wish to upgrade your current KTM suspensions. All KTM motorcycles are different and their suspension performance may vary from model to model, from year to year. Often, they are ‘too harsh’ and result in a hacky feeling in the early to mid-portion of the stroke. They can also bottom too easily at the end of each stroke. There is also a chance that there is too much front wheel deflection, or that the frond end pushes wide coming into turns or wants to stand up under the throttle. All of these ‘problems’ and overall upgrades can be performed with the products and kits from Dal Soggio Race Part Division.

At Dal Soggio we understand that every rider is different and that all riders have different preferences. We believe that the KTM suspensions should be fitting to your bike, your height, weight, riding style, terrain and your current skill level. The products and kits from the Dal Soggio Race Part Division are therefore suitable for both aspirant and professional riders. We strive to give you the tuning products which allow you to tune your suspensions in a way that is compliant and plush on the small to medium hits, but will also take bigger hits when you pick up the pace. Thus, do you wish to tune your KTM suspensions in a way that will create the best riding-experience as possible for you? Take a look at all of the products and kits that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has to offer!

How to set up and tune your KTM suspension

To make sure that you can create the best riding-experience as possible, it is important that you understand how the KTM suspensions work and also how you can maintain them. Underneath we have tried to explain how you can tune and set up your KTM suspensions for any style of riding.

When turning your KTM suspensions (and for the overall setup) it is important that you start with the dirt bike forks. It is best to start with the front tire. Also, make sure that the tire is in good condition and inflated to an appropriate level. You will also need to adjust your compression and rebound damping according to your needs. Make sure that you have read the manual of the manufacturer of your bike before you start tuning the suspensions. The manual will explain how you can and should adjust the forks. There are a few different adjustments you can make to your suspensions. For example, you can adjust the suspensions for the weight and height of oil within the fork. When you adjust the fork height, you alter the amount of air space in the fork and therefore change the damping characteristics in the second half of the suspension travel. In short, when you add oil, you stiffen the fork and increase bottoming resistance, while removing oil softens the fork. You can add or retract oil until you get the desired effect—we recommend to start with small gradients of 10cc.

Next to adjustments within the oil amount, you can also adjust the suspensions to your own weight. When adjusting the dirt bike suspensions for your weight, you are going to set the sag. Setting the sag means that your are adjusting the amount of distance (sag) that the bike moves downward from the rider’s weight. Even though setting the sag is quite simple, it is recommended to perform it with two people. The one thing that you need to remember is that adjusting your sag is not about the right measurements (like a specific rule of thumb)—it is about getting the suspensions within a comfortable range for you. Make sure that you test your bike before and after any adjustments. Only this way you can create an optimal riding position. Also make sure that you stay on top of the maintenance of your dirt bike. Make sure that you change the fork oil, seals and bushings. This will not only enhance the life of your dirt bike, but it will also keep your suspension and riding performance consistent!

Upgrade KTM suspensions with the Dal Soggio Race SPHERES

When using the products form the Dal Soggio Race Part Division, you are able to make your KTM more safe, reliable and suitable for all conditions. You can upgrade your KTM suspensions by using either our SPHERE Hydraulic cartridges or our SPERE NEW HEROES. Our SPHERE Hydraulic cartridges are perfect for off-road disciplines—they are most suitable for enduro, but they also work great for motocross, super enduro and hard enduro. When you are looking to tune your KTM suspensions in a way which is perfect for you, but if you also do not want to compromise on anything, these cartridges are perfect! Our SPHERE NEW HEROES are the ones you need if you own a KTM 65cc bike. Even though the NEW HEROES work best for the KTM 65cc bikes, they are compatible with all KTM motorcycles. These cartridges are designed to improve the efficacy of the suspensions.


Thanks to the SPHERE products from the Dal Soggio Race Part Division, you can adjust your dirt bike suspensions to be adaptable to any terrain you might encounter. Start by bringing your KTM suspensions to another level—a better level and order your products now in our online shop!

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