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At the end of February with my trusted collaborator Roberto Morelli of ProTech Suspension, I went in Spain to do some tests with the guys of Beta Trueba with Beta motorcycles.

Some intense and very good days with nice people, between the head quarter of Beta Trueba in Barcellona and the Figui Park in Girona. But probably most of you already know this amazing place, which was founded by Jordi Figueras a famous enduro champion.

And in those days, in that paradise for off road disciplines, we tested my products specially studied and designed for Beta motorcycles‘ front fork and rear shock to exhaustion.

After that incredibles and fully days I was sure that I was going on the right way with them. And finally the results and the riders’ satisfaction and approval gave me excellent confirmations!

Therefore today in this post I’ve chosen as theme exactly the products for Sachs and KYB front fork (the two front fork that you usually find on Beta motorcycles) and rear shock, that are:


I think that the most of you know this kit, which is for sure the most complete product if you want revolutionize your front fork’s performances.

Only changing all the internal part with our sealed and presurized hydraulic cartridge, you will obtain an incredible precision and sensitivity of the fork.

You have the pressurized bladder system guarantees a greater sensitivity to the front fork. The rebound piston and the compression piston are made of anodized ERGAL 7075 and with their 4 oil’s passages decrease the wear of oil and shims. Also the slide band (made with teflon treatment) is necessary to give a greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge. And finally, thanks’ to 38 click available, it provides a wide and more precise regulation of compression.

It is perfect for every type of discipline, for every type of grounds and tracks and for every level or riding. The Sphere kit is available for every model of Beta motorcycles from 2017 to 2022.

Why choose SPHERE?

The answer is very simple! With this particular sealed and pressurized cartridge considerably increases the precision and sensitivity of the forks, giving better feedback to the rider.

Remember that beyond safety you will have more fun riding your dirt bike, whether you are racing or just having fun riding with friends.

For which model of front fork is available?

You can find Sphere Kit for all the models of Beta motorcycles, and in other words for Sachs front fork and for KYB front fork!


Second kit that you can find is the B-One Kit, very interesting and very funcional!

Why I’ve decide to study it? The answer is very simple! Because I wanted to create a not too demanding product for Beta, and this product had to allow with simple changes to upgrade the Sachs open fork in Beta motorcycles.

Also with this upgrade kit, you have only to change the shims in the base valve and replace the mid valve system with mine, which includes the CNC machined piston that has 4 oil passages.

It is absolutely a good compromise if you want to make better your Beta front fork, but at the same time you don’t want to change all the internal part. However, I have to be honest and say that it is not the best choice if you do hard enduro or other intense disciplines, for them Sphere Kit is sure the best solution!

Most importantly, it could be fitted in all Beta motorcycles which have the Sachs fork from 2019 to 2022.

How does B-One kit work? 

The B-One kit simply changes in your Beta motorcycle’s front fork the shims in the base valve and replace the mid valve system with our one, which includes our CNC machined piston that has got 4 oil passages and it’s done deal!


Finally, the RS Kit is a kit to improve the rear shock of Beta motorcycles. Also in this case you don’t need to upset everything!

The RS kit with the piston and the shim setting, re-calculate the oil flow and this increases the performances of the entire rear shock. Also this kit includes the piston with 4 oil passages in ERGAL 7075-T6 and hard anodizing.

Which is the correct RS Kit for Beta Motorcycles? 

For Beta motorcycles from 2020 to 2022 the correct RS Kit is the one with the piston of 46mm diameter.

This is the complete overwiev of the products’ range to upgrade your Beta, if love it, but not too much its front fork and rear shock… Don’t worry, because yes, because I have the right solution to help you to improve your Beta motorcycle and be happy forever with it😉

In conclusion, I hope that this post could help you to have more info about my products for Beta dirt bikes if you didn’t know them yet, or if you have to choose what product you want or need for your “sweet baby”!

If you need more info or you need some help, remember that I’m absolutely here to answer to your questions and to help you! But if you prefer, you can ask directly to our fantastic dealers, which will do the same, helping you and answering to you!

As always thank you for your time and for your support guys 😊 And have a good day!


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