Machineries and instruments to produce dirt bike upgrade kits

Today I will talk to you about what are my faithfull allies to produce the best dirt bike upgrades kit and suspensions.

But first of all I want to say thank you to all people that read and has shown interest on my articles! And little by little I will try to answer to all your questions.

In this new post I will talk you about our machineries and instruments. I think that it’s important that people understand the relevance of the instruments used on the finished products… They absolutely make the difference and this allows to give to our dear customers the best dirt bike upgrades!

As you know we offer different product to do very good upgrade on dirt bikes. Starting from our FSR-48 complete front fork, the Sphere Kit, RS kit for rear shock, XP-One PRO and other interesting and smart kit!

What you find in my workshop to produce dirt bike upgrade kits

To create my products and give a good wide range kits to could have a perfect dirt bike upgrades, in my specific on front fork.

My mechanical shop has inside the follow machineries and instruments:

  • Mazak CNC machineries
  • Wenzel measuring machine
  • Surtronic surface roughness tester
  • Mitutoyo millesimal micrometer
  • Mahr digital caliber
  • Laba7 vacuum pump
  • Steplab dyno shock

In the pictures below you see an overview of my precious “toys”. I call them toys because I’m honest, I really love work on them and use my instruments!) and now I illustrate them to you.

Let’s discover them!

So to have a good dirt bike upgrade, all starts with high technology machineries and instruments

MAZAK CNC MACHINE: we have two of this amazing machines with 5 axes and I’ve never been so proud to bought them. The quality and the precision of these Japanese gems are unequalled.

WENZEL MEASURING MACHINE: we use this technologically advanced measuring machine to check every single piece that we produce. I want to be sure to sell to our customers products that are not only perfect for dimensions, but for safety too. 

SURTRONIC SURFACE ROUGHNESS TESTER: this is the instrument that we use to check the roughness of surfaces that “they have to be smooth” and not rugged.. Not a bit! If a piece has roughness, is not perfect and it could not be ok the same… Sorry but I’m very meticulous in this!

MITUTOYO MILLESIMAL MICROMETER: usually people use the centesimal micrometer. I’ve chosen to take the millesimal one because as you can understand is more accurate and precise to make the measurements.

MAHR DIGITAL CALIBER: it’s another interesting measurement instrument. It is very precise, and simple to use (my wife can use it 😮 but don’t tell her that I’ve said it 😜). Obviously all my guys have one of these with them every day.

LABA7 VACUUM BLEED PUMP: one of our new entry in the technical department is this vacuum bleed pump. Probably you already know this product, which is for us absolutely very useful with cartridge and rear shock. A very good value!

STEPLAB DYNO SHOCK: at last one of the instrument that I love, made to measure for us by Steplab, an Italian company. It has a linear motor drive and 80g.

This is a quick overview, but I hope that could be interesting for you to better understand how we produce our products and how we care about accuracy of them. Sure sometimes we do some mistakes, but as everyone knows machines are perfect or close to perfection, human not!


To conclude I want to say thank you to my dad Rino! In 50′ he has founded the first division of the company, the Dal Soggio Manufacturing Division. He is every single day with me/with us to help all of us with his enormous experience. Certainly he’s the person that has taught me to be meticulous in my job, also using the best instruments, because they make the difference, and to put my heart in what I do because is the only way to obtain the recognition of your customers and their own happiness too! 

Thank you so much and see you next time!


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