For a good aftermarket dirt bike suspension… It all strats with raw materials!

Hello everyone!

In these new post I want to start from the base to produce a very good aftermarket dirt bike suspension. This base is the correct choice of raw materials. In my opinion is one of the most important things to be sure that your result will be one of the best aftermarket dirt bike suspension!

Yes because the quality of raw materials used is absolutely essential if the goal is produce an excellent product, strong, durable and, very important, safety! And my absolutely is this!

How many types of raw materials we use to produce dirt bike suspension?

Actually there aren’t so many types of raw materials, as te most part of the pieces that assemble a dirt bike front fork are made in aluminum and steel. The real difference is on the type of aluminum and steel that a manufacturer choose to use. When we talk about aluminum, oh God, there is an entire world!

We can find really thousands type of aluminium alloy with different characteristics.

In Dal Soggio Race we have chosen to use predominantly the ERGAL 7075 T6, because I want only the best to produce perfect dirt bike suspension! ERGAL 7075 T6 It’s definitely a material hard to find (especially in this particular historic period), very expensive, difficult to machine and the anodizing colors are not so shiny as you can see in others aluminium alloys, but… The quality, the hardness and resistance of this incredible material has no comparison with other types of aluminum. And this is why ERGAL 7075 T6 is predominantly used in aerospace sector, because it is very hard but ath the same time very light, so the perfect union to be performant and safety! Fore sure a perfect alloy to have at the end the best dirt bike suspension!

Characteristics of ERGAL 7075 T6

Some characteristics of ERGAL 7075 T6: is an aluminium alloy with zinc as the primary alloying element. It has excellent mechanical properties and exhibits good ductility, high strength, toughness, and good resistance to fatigue. Furthermore it is more susceptible to embrittlement than many other aluminium alloys because of microsegregation, but has significantly better corrosion resistance than the alloys from the 2000 series. And for these characteristics many companies decide to use this aluminium alloys for highly stressed structural applications, foe example in aircraft structural parts.

Where Dal Soggio Race uses ERGAL 7075 T6

I use pratically ERGAL 7075 T6 in 80-85% of pieces that I produce to do my dirt bike front FSR-48 and other products like Sphere Kit, XP-One PRO.

So yes, I must say that sometimes it drives me crazy when I have to machine with ERGAL, but at the end, when I see the results (I can affirm that me and my technicians check and test all our pieces really intensely), I’m always very satisfied and happy to have made that choice.

Other materials used in Dal Soggio Race

ERGAL 7075 T6 is not the only material that I used to produce my products. For some pieces I use also some types of steel and different high quality polymers to produce my fluorescent pieces for example!!

I’ve decide few year ago to produce inside my company the major part of pieces that compose my products, so I personally choose the raw materials and pylimers, making sure that they have high quality.

And this is one of the keys to obtain a perfect aftermarket dirt bike suspension or all the other kit to upgrade dirt bikes’ front fork!

And also for these materials is important to find a good quality of them, to guarantee to my customers an excellent component in their aggressive dirt bike suspension!

Probably you are thinking that raw materials are not the only thing that make a suspension an excellent suspension, and I totally agree with you. There are many important things, and most of them are extremely technical, for example aerodynamic etc. But for sure if you start with a good raw material, you already are at a good point. Here in Italy there is a proverb that says “well begun is half done!”

As always I hope to give you something more to have a wide view regarding the suspension world!!

Let’s talk to you soon riders!!


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