What is important in a good KTM 65cc suspension for our little riders?

Hi everybody! Today I will talk to you about our Sphere New Heroes for KTM 65cc and Husqvarna 65cc.

I’m a technician and expert of suspension, but first of all I’m a dad and yes, as you can imagine my eldest son Edoardo who is 10 years old, after begging me to exhaustion (because I have to say that my wife was always pro and on Edoardo’s side…!), finally rides his KTM65cc dirt bike, so I perfectly understand how important is for parents know that their sons are safe when they use a motorbike, with the correct protective devices, the correct motorcycle’s setup etc.

Well, now let’s get to the point! When I’ve started to think and design the Sphere New Heroes for KTM 65cc I wanted to create something that bring the suspension of little riders to a professional level but putting at  first place the safety! Clearly, I always consider it for every single product that I create, but when we talk about products for kids, there are no stories and no compromises!

What I’ve considered before developing this product for KTM 65cc and Husqvarna 65cc?

These 5 points resume the steps from the idea to end product:

  • Safety
  • Design
  • How it has to work to give high performances
  • For what type of disciplines it has to be suitable
  • For which model of motorbikes 65cc and front forks it has to be available

And now I will explain you more about these process.


The safety is exactly the first point that I’ve considered when I’ve started to study the Sphere New Heroes for KTM 65cc. A system that allows to kids to feel safe and confident when they ride, creating a perfect harmony with bike, but that help them to be fast ahahhaha… I think that 4 kids to 5 tell me that “they have to go fast to be in the top positions”!


This specific cartridge was researched and created for the KTM 65cc and other motorbykes 65cc to bring the fork of young riders to a pro level and nothing is left to chance.

First, I make the cartridge tubes in very good and resistant quality of aluminum and then I treat them with a coating that greatly reduces friction and that means also long duration over time.

And exactly like all our products also in this case I use ERGAL 7075 T6 to do the inner piston with a CNC machine. It has 20 mm diameter and there are 3 oil passages for compression and rebound to guarantee an optimum oil flow through shims.

In the spring preload thanks to a particular mechanism is possible to change the spring’s preload outside of 10mm.

In the kit there are 2 types of hydro stop, the Blue is soft, and the Red is hard, so you can use what you prefer, according to your little rider’s needs.

Inside the kit you find also the springs of 3.0 N/mm but as optional you can also have springs of 2.8 N/mm or 3.2 N/mm, depends from your little hero!

How it works?

The functionality of the Sphere New Heroes for KTM 65cc is very simple thanks to outer spring’s adjustment and to wide range of clicks. Therefore with little adjustments your kid could has an high performance suspension. But please before do the set of your son’s New Heroes suspension kit, remember to do it with a suspension specialist if you are not a mechanic, because…. Return to point number one, safety!!

For what type of disciplines is suitable this kit?

The Sphere New Heroes for KTM 65cc with the correct setting was thought by me for all disciplines, from enduro, to MX, hard enduro etc… And thanks to the wide range of adjustments (remember that you have 36 clicks on compression and 36 clicks on rebound) it is perfect for all types of ground, tracks, and conditions.

For which model of front fork is available? Only for KTM 65cc front fork?

The answer is not! The Sphere New Heroes could be fitted not only in the KTM 65cc but also in all 65cc front fork.

In last years I’ve tested this kit many times and in every tracks, ground and conditions with many professional riders and with amateur riders to be sure that it may be suitable for both, without doing many changes in valving etc..!

So, if your kid has a KTM 65cc, an Husqvarna 65cc or another 65cc dirt bike and you are looking for an upgrade kit to install quickly and that gives to him/her perfect performances, my Sphere New Heroes kit is sure the right choice!

I’ve chosen it for my Edoardo too to put in him KTM 65cc, and yes, it’s true that I’ve done it, but I can assure you that for the design, the row materials used, the treatments done etc, your little rider will have a lot of fun on various tracks and conditions, but with a safe suspension!

I hope that this article will be useful if you don’t already know my Sphere New Heroes or if you are undecided about what kit chose to upgrade your little rider’s 65cc dirt bike 😉

If you have curiosities or questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or to our dealers, that will sure help you at the best!


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