Dal Soggio ray kit

As a company dedicated to developing and distributing high-end products addressing needs in the motocross and enduro racing sports we proudly offer the Dal Soggio ray kit. The Dal Soggio ray kit comes in two variations. The 2013-2015 version and the 2016 version. A distinction we made to give our customers even more room to create a suspension that fits their specific needs.

The Dal Soggio ray kit, regardless of which type your choosing, has been developed to enhance the WP 4CS. In other words the Dal Soggio ray kit gives you the option of revolutionizing the front dirt bike forks. After installation of the kit the modification ensures both front forks work to pressurize the entire system.

The Dal Soggio ray kit is commonly used by professionals and riders who are always looking for greater performance. But in general the Dal Soggio ray kit is suitable for everyone who desires to obtain the best feel of the WP 4CS front fork. We have several MX dirt bike parts in our assortment.


The Dal Soggio ray kit allows with just a few adjustments the best feel a WP 4CS front fork can give. A result that also translates to front forks that work naturally, creating less friction and giving you greater comfort and safety while riding. Goals that align with our overarching mission. To create dirt bike parts who offer more than just their base function. A suspension system that ensures safety, comfort and durability is something we guarantee. But our parts offer more. Greater tactile feedback. This will allow you the rider to ‘read’ the terrain you’re riding on. Making important decisions  when you need to.


As an Italian company we have access to a countryside that’s often ideal for off-road racing. Giving us a perfect canvas to test and further develop our dirt bike parts. This fact also helps to further prove the point that when it comes to dirt bikes and their parts compromise is never an option.

We developed dirt bike parts that offer every rider the greatest feedback and quality’s they need. We believe that the bike isn’t the core of the sport, but merely an extension of the rider. Our parts are built around this idea. Expect the greatest experience while riding.

If you want the choice of the best dirt bike parts now you can always find one of our dealers, we operate worldwide.

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