Do you wish to boost the performance functions of your WP 4CS front forks or suspensions? With the RAY kit from Dal Soggio Race Part Division you can enhance the way that your WP 4CS forks and suspensions work! By using the RAY kit you are able to rebound the upper part of each leg, double the shim oil flow and to isolate the compression in the lower parts. This RAY kit is perfect for you if you are one of those riders who wish to customize their forks and suspensions without sacrificing the performance of their WP 4CS. Are you an experienced or aspirant rider? And do you wish to tune your current front forks or suspensions to fit your needs and wishes? Take a look at the products and kits that the Dal Soggio Race Part Division has to offer!

The “Race Part Division” from Dal Soggio is created by owner Gianni Dal Soggio over 12 years ago. Moved by a passion for motorcycles the “Race Part Division” has expended to become one of the worlds’ market leaders within high-tech racing products. The RAY kit from Dal Soggio has been created by using the newest techniques. These newest techniques have made sure that the kit will damp the accuracy of your WP 4CS forks and enhance the sensitivity. The RAY kit is suited for off-road disciplines, enduro and motocross. If you are interested in these products or other parts you should take a look at our online shop!


There are some crucial differences between the WP 4CS forks than other front forks. The 4CS forks do not work like any other forks you have ridden with your motorcycle or dirt bike in the last few years. These differences are important to consider when you wish to tune your WP 4CS forks or suspensions yourself. The first thing that you should know is that the dampening rod in the 4CS fork is smaller than most other forks. This fork is only 8 mm versus a KYB fork (for example), which are 12 to 12.5 mm. The distance that the rods travel are pretty much the same—the forks got 12 inches of travel roughly for both forks. When you take the volume of the WP 4CS fork and the KYB fork, the KYB fork has approximately 2.2 times more displaced fluid over the 12 inch travel. This bit is important to understand because as the fork goes into the compression, all of oil displaced by this rod, goes across the base valve into the bottom of the fork. Both forks obtain a dampening cartridge, the rod and then the tube. So, the rod goes inside the tube. As the rod moves down inside the tube, it displaces the volume across the base valve. The diameter of the 4CS cartridge tube is 20 mm, whereas the diameter of the KYB cartridge tube is 24 millimetres—that extra 4 mm of oil that flows past the rebound and mid speed valving, makes a huge effect in how you are able to get speed sensitivity out of the dampening.

When both rods go into motion and the both move 12 inches down—you have displaced more fluid with a 12.5 mm rod than a 8 mm rod—2.2 times more to be exact.

Next to differences between the dampening rods of a 4CS front fork and a KYB fork, there are also some important differences within the base valves. For example, where the base valve on the 4CS uses a 28 mm face shim, the base valve on a SSS uses a 30 mm face shim. When looking at them, they do not seem to differ that much in size, but there are some differences. When you look at the piston ports of the 4CS, this piston has a lot of surface area—this is the area where the valving opens and closes. Some of the suspensions tuners are opening up the port to allow more oil to go through the pistons and be available at the face shim. Where the 4CS moves less fluid than a KYB fork, it does not make sense to open it up to make it bigger—you actually want to reduce it. So in closing the 4CS cartridge rod at 8 mm, it displaces less fluid when it enters into cartridge tube, thus displacing less fluid across the base valve. So, if you want to tune your own 4CS fork at home—you are going to need more valving on the mid speed, the rebound and the base valve than what you would typically run on a fork. If you find yourself having any troubles with the tuning of your WP 4CS front forks or suspensions, please feel free to contact us!


The team of Dal Soggio Race Part Division strives to create off road parts which not only give you the best experience as possible when riding your bike, we also strive to create parts which enhances your motorcycle. Both versions of our RAY kits are perfect for both professional and aspirant riders. They allow you to improve the reliability of your WP 4CS suspensions and also enhance the safety of your motorcycle. To give you even more information on why you should choose one of our RAY kits, we have listed a few more advantages below:

  • Easy installation – Easy instalment is guaranteed when using our RAY kit. The RAY kit contains all internal components that you need. To make sure that your WP 4CS forks receive the best tuning as possible, we advise to use our Cube oil. This oil obtains the perfect formula to balance the hydraulic system of the front forks of your bike.
  • Adjustable valve settings – Whereas the valve settings of your bike are normally set, you are able to adjust them. By adjusting the RAY kit settings you can customize your bike so that it fits you and your riding preferences perfectly.
  • Modifiable shims – Not only are the valves adjustable, you can also modify the shim stacks to suit the needs of any rider.


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Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


I got my first test ride in with the Ray kit. All can I say is “amazing”! Hands down the best 4CS set up I’ve ridden.


Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.

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