Coppetta tenuta molla senza asole

Spare part without teflon bushing and holes




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Assemblato boccola...


Assembled spare part, includes the codes: 1p.c01000-1p.c03000-1p.c04200-1p.c04400-1p.c05300-1p.c06015-1p.ORM21x2

Assemblato idrostop...


Assembled hydrostop, includes the codes: 1p.c00410-1p.c05607-1p.ORM35x2-1p.ORM41x2_5

Assemblato dado...


Assembled rebound nut, includes the codes: 

Assemblato bicchiere...


Assembled spare part, includes the codes:  1p.c07012-molla_spillo_valvola_D10950-1p.c07100-1pORM47x2-1p.ORM25x2