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Although the KTM bikes belong without a doubt to greatest of the off-road motorcycle brands there is always room for improvement. When it comes to sports like enduro racing or motocross we should always keep in mind that the bike your riding is not the core of the sport, you are. The right bike should be an extension of the rider. This understanding leads to the realisation that although a bike like those of KTM are ready to go ‘out of the box’ there is always room for improvement. We at Dal Soggio Race realised that the best way to create dirt bike parts that offer more than you might expect can only be achieved by specialising. Even though KTM forks are a great asset to their bikes, we found room for improvement.

As for many brands our suspension is compatible with KTM forks and manage to deliver significant advantages.


If you’re looking for a KTM fork rebuild kit our suspension system might just be what you’re looking for. In off-road racing the KTM 65cc is especially loved by the youth. The reasons for this are obvious. Although these engines only allow for 65cc, ideal for children, the bikes themselves are of the highest quality. Yet, when it comes to the KTM forks we believe to have a built a suspension system that only enhances the already great quality’s. One of these high quality KTM forks is the KTM 65 fork. Safety, as you might expect, is our greatest concern when developing our dirt bike suspension. We have developed two different systems. One is called the SPHERE Hydraulic cartridge and the other we named the SPHERE NEW HEROES. This last one we developed specially for the youth and as such is most compatible with all 65cc off road motorcycles and in particular the KTM 65cc. Our KTM suspension for KTM front forks is designed to bring these forks to a professional level. We developed our suspension to be highly adaptable to any terrain you might encounter. This is thanks to the 36 clicks for compression and 36 clicks for the rebound. We do not only offer the suspension alone for your KTM front forks. We also offer certain kits for tuning and maintaining different suspensions, shims and a specially developed oil. Everything you need for your KTM fork rebuild.


Dal Soggio Race is a part of Dal Soggio S.r.L.. an Italian company that has started in the 50’s creating high-tech. A passion for off-road racing was and much experience in high-tech products has led to the creation of our innovative suspension for KTM front forks. We set out to create a product that not only guarantees safety, comfort and durability but also allows a far greater tactile feedback to the rider. We strived to build a suspension for KTM forks that would give the rider everything she or he needs to enhance their already present talents. But mostly we want people to enjoy riding as much is possible. When we set out to develop our suspension for KTM forks we decided to compromise on nothing, neither do we expect you the rider to compromise when it comes to your sport. If you are searching for dealers you can click on the link. If you want more information about our products you can always visit the online shop or contact us. We are happy to help!

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Trying to be aerodynamic as I could this week. Everyone on the team love that #dalsoggiorace suspension.


I got my first test ride in with the Ray kit. All can I say is “amazing”! Hands down the best 4CS set up I’ve ridden.


I have installed XP-One kit for WP Xplor. Very nice product and much improved over stock fork performance.

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