KTM aftermarket parts

When it comes to KTM aftermarket parts you should choose only the best products, especially when it comes to your suspension. Although the bikes build by KTM could easily be considered belonging to the top of the market, there is always room for improvement. There can, however, only be real improvement when the KTM aftermarket parts are developed in a way that guarantees the highest quality. Especially when those KTM aftermarket parts have to do with the suspension.

We at Dal Soggio Race have a great passion for just about anything concerning off-road racing like enduro racing or motocross. We saw a change to improve on the front fork suspension and took it as an opportunity to develop our own system.

The result is a product that certainly has a role to play when it comes to KTM aftermarket parts.

When it comes to KTM aftermarket parts we offer a superior suspension

It would be foolish to compare the importance of dirt bike parts against each other. Every part plays an integral undeniable part in the overall functioning of the dirt bike. But is should also be noted that the specialisation of these parts is a necessity to achieve the best result. This is especially true when it comes to the suspension.

The system we have developed offers more than you might expect. Off course when looking for KTM aftermarket parts you are looking to upgrade your bike. Our suspension guarantees extreme durability, comfort and off course safety. As you might expect. However our system also allows for an unprecedented tactile feedback. Giving the rider the ability to ‘read’ the terrain they are riding and adjusting their riding style when necessary. The system also makes it easy to adjust the suspension according to your needs.

Never compromise when it comes to your KTM aftermarket parts

We at Dal Soggio Race are determent to never compromise on our suspension and accessories that we offer. Neither do we expect you to compromise on the quality of your dirt bike parts.

We want everybody to have access to KTM aftermarket parts that are on the level of professionalism. We believe that the bike is not the core of the sport but an extension of the rider. Which is why we chose to specialise and create an innovative suspension system that offers more.

Do you want to learn more? Contact us or look on our website for further details and information.

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  • I have installed XP-One kit for WP Xplor. Very nice product and much improved over stock fork performance.

  • Very impressive products! I’ve bought a Sphere AER and it’s sure the best solution I may have taken.

  • Two of m y riding buddies recently bought your Sphere kit and they love them. It’s made their riding go up to the next level.


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