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When it comes to dirt bike plastics we all have to realise that although every part plays an important role towards the overall functioning of the bike, there are certain parts that always need to be top of the line. Off course you want to have the best quality and finest looking dirt bike plastics out there. But no matter how good looking and functional these parts are they won’t last very long. Not unless you also make a conscious choice when it comes to your suspension.

It is foolish to prioritise one part over another. It doesn’t matter how well your bike rides, how good looking the dirt bike plastics are or how fast it is. If, for example, the brakes don’t function properly. The point being that when it comes to your choice of dirt bike parts you should never compromise on the individual quality of the parts.

If this is true about dirt bike plastics then consider the importance of quality when it comes to parts like the brakes, engine or the suspension. It’s funny to consider that when looking for dirt bike plastics parts you should first consider the suspension of your bike. There is no aspect to your bike which has as a direct result on the overall endurance of your dirt bike plastics parts than the suspension.

Which leads us to a rather simple, yet important conclusion when it comes to dirt bike parts in general. To become as successful as possible in the sport or, maybe more importantly, have as much fun as possible, specialised parts are a necessity.



Every sport ever created by man demands in whatever form some form of endurance. We don’t need to explain to you what kind of stresses comes with motocross or endure racing. We are talking about a sport in which its participants actively seek often harsh conditions and challenging tracks. Every dirt bike out there should be built with this fact in consideration. And off course every reputable dirt bike manufacturer will make sure that their bikes are up for every challenge thrown at them. But everyone involved in these sports will know that there is always room for improvement.

It is no surprise then that considering the importance of high-end dirt bike parts we have chosen to develop our own line of dirt bike parts. We at Dal Soggio Racing have specialised in the development of front dirt bike fork suspension.

A specialized part that needs no further explanation in why it is so important. Still we managed to develop suspension that goes beyond most riders expectations.

In short we have developed a suspension system that guarantees as much as it can a comfortable and save ride while greatly enhances the durability of the bike. The base function of a suspension system is to absorb most of every impact. That this function also greatly enhances the lifetime of your dirt bike plastics should come as no surprise.

Although we chose to develop a suspension to give far greater tactile feedback to every driver we also took in account the overall wellbeing of both the driver and his or her bike. Simply put with our suspension you will enjoy your dirt bike plastics for far longer.


If you’re looking for dirt bike plastics, what considerations are important to you. Certain things are common and based on common knowledge when choosing your dirt bike plastics. They should fit your bike, come in colours or prints you like and shouldn’t be too expensive.

Although there is a direct relation between the quality of the dirt bike plastics and their quality usely these parts need to be changed because of damages sustained while driving. And this is exactly why our suspension system might just make the difference in the overall endurances of your dirt bike plastics.

You might consider the reason for this is its excellent shock absorbing function. And you would be right. But that’s not all.

We have developed a suspension system that has been built from the ground up to provide the rider with extreme tactile feedback. You’ll be able to feel the terrain you’re riding on. The result of this feedback is to provide the rider with information via the fork towards the handles. This allows the driver to make conscious decisions while riding.

Not only advancing the innate talents of the rider but also being a tool to prevent mishaps. Ensuring your dirt bike plastics stay intact much longer.


Dal Soggio Racing is the child of Dal Soggio S.r.l. a Italian company around since the 50’s and known for its high-end solutions. The owner being a huge fan of the sport has led to not only to birth of Dal Soggio Racing but also the dirt bike parts we proudly offer to the world of motocross and enduro racing.

We are completely specialized in the development of our suspension system. A system that goes beyond the expectation of every rider who choses our products.

We created a suspension that does what it’s supposed to do, and much more. Our system has specifically been designed to allow the rider to feel the terrain they are riding on. This gives them a great advantage and it shows. Our riders using our system have already achieved many successes and victories. Both nationally and internationally.

When choosing your dirt bike plastics make sure you’re equipped with the finest suspension out there. We don’t believe you as a rider should compromise on anything. Neither should we compromise on the overall quality and abilities of our dirt bike parts.

When it comes to dirt bike plastics, suspension or any other part, only the best is good enough. Visit the shop to view all of our products! 

Do you want to learn more, know where to buy our parts or become a dealer yourself? You can find all information on or website or contact us, we are glad to help you.

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