Aftermarket dirt bike suspension, how many time riders, professional or amateurs does not matter, search this four words. And to be honest for me it’s always impressive to see how many kits you can find in the market… Little, smart, coloured, cheap, expensive, professional, home-made etc… There’s enough for everyone!! And “manufacturers” are ready to swear that them kits are the best that you can find. I’m honest sometimes I see very good aftermarket dirt bike suspensions kits, but in most cases it is not so.

Clearly with this I dont want to say that my upgrade kits, from Sphere Kit, FSR-48 front fork, XP-One PRO Kit etc are the best aftermarket dirt bike suspension kits that you can try, but I could say that I pay attention to many things that I will explain to you below, which I believe that are very important!

Design and drawing

Every good project start from a customer’s demand and I say this because if you carfully listen to what people actually need and want, you are already on the good way to propose them a valid solution. Ages of experience side by side with my greatest teatcher, my father Rino, have brought me to raise awarness in choices before starting to design.

1. A good aftermarket dirt bike suspension was born from a good CAD software

For the CAD software is the same as my products, you can find as long as you want, but those that work well in mechanichs are probably five or six.

When I was considering to buy my CAD software, I had no doubt, I wanted the SolidWorks! Why? Because it is very precise and you can do so much!

So to design a good aftermarket dirt bike suspension, I start from here.

2. Choose the best raw materials

To follow the right choice of raw materials, that is essential. As at the first place I put the safety and I’m consious that high quality raw materials mean precisely, safety. You know that in a dirt bike suspension it cannot be understimated.

And the second factor of why the choice of raw material is so important, is durability and resistance of products and that’s make a good aftermarket dirt bike suspension as well!

3. Machineries and instruments

Yes, I’ve said it thousand times… I am very proud of my machineries and instruments!

Here a list:

  • Mazak Integrex CNC machines
  • Wenzel Measuring machine
  • StepLab Dyno shock
  • Laba7 Vacuum bleed pump
  • Surtronic surface roughness tester
  • BabyPlast injection moulding machine
  • And a series of other instruments essentials to do a precise job!

All these precious instruments help me to do a perfect aftermarket dirt bike suspension like FSR-48 fork, Sphere Kit and all my other products as XP-One PRO kit, RS kit, Ray Kit etc…

4. Quality control process on our dirt bike suspension and kits

I can’t do without a good quality control to be sure that all single piece is perfect and ready to be assembled on our aftermarket dirt bike suspesion and kits!

Usually my technicians check pieces with Wenzel meausring machine, that is very precise and accurate.

5. Test suspension on dyno shock

What give me satisfaction? Play with my dyno shock!!! And I say play because I have a lot of fun when I test my products on it! Use this fantastic dyno shock of StepLab is not only funny but also very useful to undertsand if I’m am doing a good work for a successful of an excellent aftermarket dirt bike suspension.

I check if the valving that I’ve choosend is ok, the functionality of products etc.. and I do this before and after tests on track with riders, to have a double check.

6. Test my dirt bike suspension on track

After all this work done inside my headquarters, finally I can see the results on track with riders and there I definetly see if suspension work well or not and where I can improve it and bring it to perfection!

In my opinion all these points are extremely important to produce a very good dirt bike suspension or a kit and I perfectly know that I culd do cheaper kits but it would mean that I give up to one of “my foundamental points”, but absolutely I don’t want because my products has to be a guarantee.

People appreciate my company and my products also because I produce like this, so I intend to keep doing it!

Thank you very much to all customers that trust in me and in my company.. their support is my strenght!


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